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Street Legal Golf Carts

Street Legal Golf Carts
By Darren Davis

Golf Carts out on the streets are quite popular vehicle these days. Mini machines are not are not only restricted to the golf course anymore! Such vehicles are legal on streets now. They are mostly found in golf course communities, resort areas, retirement homes, and in open ranges and sanctuaries. Street Legal Golf Carts are more popular as NEV or Neighbourhood Electric Vehicles.

State laws applied to Street Legal Golf Carts instruct slow moving and electrically powered equipment like NEV's. The set of laws applied for Street Legal Golf Carts include:

1. The carts should contain a maximum seating facility for four. 2. The maximum speed of the Golf Cart should be 35 mph. 3. A seat belt is must for every seat. 4. It should have exterior mirrors and interior mirrors along with reflex reflectors. 5. The cart must have an identification number. 6. Windshield and brakes are necessary for every golf cart. 7. The manufacturer's certificate as a slow speed vehicle is also must for golf carts. 8. Golf cart's maximum weight limit is 2,200 pounds. 9. The golf cart must contain a headlight, tail and stop lamps; and rear and front turn lamps.

If you are planning to buy a Street Legal Golf Cart then Electric golf carts are most preferable. Reasons are many, like they are well-engineered, cheaper, and also have the choice of transportation doors. More important Electric golf carts have a great effect on our society. It offers us a ride without fumes and fuels and helps us to stay environment friendly.

There are different types of golf carts available in the market. For more information you may contact your local dealer or can also check out the online information for better updates. Before, you finalize the deal and pick up your cart; there are a few things you should always verify like battery power, seating capacity, suspension, windshield, brake lights, seat belts, rear and front mirrors, reflectors and turn signals. Remember, if want to enjoy street legal golf carts; you need to confirm that it complies with all necessary laws applied for the street legal vehicle.

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