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Thumbs Up! Golfball Finder Glasses

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Manufacturer: Thumbs Up UK
Publisher: Thumbs Up UK
Studio: Thumbs Up UK
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- Golf ball illuminating glasses
- Save hours looking for your wayward golf balls
- Special blue lenses highlight anything white
- Includes protect pouch
- Great gift for any golf lover

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Editorial Reviews:

Save hours looking for your wayward golf balls with these specially tinted glasses. Aside from looking about as hip as you can get, these glasses actually serve a very useful purpose! You've finally made time for a round of golf...... but your balls keep disappearing off-piste and your stocks are running low. Don the glasses and let the special blue lenses work to illuminate everything white - including those errant long-shots. Not even the sneakiest golf balls will be able to hide away in the grass with these funky frames on the loose. Save enough time and money by retrieving all your lost balls to go another 18-holer.

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