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MAC-T PE08663 Foam Golf Clubs, 27" Length Putters, Assorted Colors, Pack of 6

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Brand: MAC-T
Manufacturer: MAC-T
Publisher: MAC-T
Studio: MAC-T
MPN: PE08663
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- Perfect for learning beginning golf skills
- Use indoors or outdoors
- Set of 6 putters, 27' in length includes 1 each of green, blue, orange, red, purple, and yellow
- Plastic shaft and head
- From MAC-T: Teacher Designed & Kid Tested; perfect for home or school

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Editorial Reviews:

Perfect for learning beginning golf skills. Soft, comfortable foam grips. Plastic shaft and head. Set of 6 colors includes 1 each of green, blue, orange, red, purple, and yellow. 27" long putter. Use indoors or outdoors.

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