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LazerDrive - Golf Club Face Coating To Gain Distance, Reduce Spin, and Eliminate Slice and Hook

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Brand: LazerDrive
Manufacturer: LazerDrive
Publisher: LazerDrive
Studio: LazerDrive
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- Discrete, Easy To Use Twist Up Container With a Refreshing Grass Scent
- Lowers Score By Improving Accuracy, Adding Distance, and Eliminating Slice and Hook
- Add Confidence To Your Game While Saving Money on Fewer Lost Balls
- Ball Witness on Club Face Can Improve Ball Striking Accuracy and Stance Correction
- Non Toxic and Made in the U.S.A.

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Editorial Reviews:

The average golfer loses 4.5 balls per round at a cost of $1- $5 per ball and overall, Americans lose 300 million golf balls a year. We decided we did not want to add to that statistic! At LazerDrive we love the game of golf, but hate our driving flaws. Wanting to correct our hook and slice with minimal cost and time, we developed an easy to apply product to correct our problems. The application can be used as little as once a round for an experienced golfer, to every time you enter the tee box for an inexperienced golfer. The application, if applied lightly is virtually unnoticeable. However, if applied vigorously, you can also use this product as a witness identification tool. This will allow you to self correct your stance and club- to- ball placement, helping you maximize your clubs potential. This has changed the way we feel about the game of golf, it's fun again! We are confident you will feel the same. With the slice or hook being the most common problem in golf, we have developed a specially formulated product to reduce or eliminate this issue. What is a slice or a hook? This is where a golfer has a swing that is either outside in or inside out. This produces a side-spin on the ball with the end result being a hook or a slice and probably a lost ball. How to fix a hook or slice? That's where LazerDrive comes in. Our product is an easy to apply application that will minimize side-spin by reducing the friction between the club face and the ball. The end result is a straighter, longer and overall more accurate ball. Not only do you gain 20-30 yards, you can find your ball. LazerDrive was created to reduce side-spin and help golfers of a wide variety of experience improve their game at a low cost. This will also result in having more fun and less frustration.

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